Date Time Event Location Details
1/31                 8:00-10:00pm Dinner/Dance     The Carlyle Club, Alexandria VA   More Info
2/28 7:00-9:00pm Musicality Class Cleveland, OH More Info
3/1 9:00-12:00pm Swing Dance Oxford, OH More Info
4/25 9:00-12:00pm Swing Dance Chevy Chase CC, MD n/a
8/8 9:00-12:00pm Swing Dance Workmens Hall, Cleveland OH More Info
8/9 9:00-12:00pm Swing Dance Purcell Ballroom, Cincy OH More Info
10/18 9:00-12:00pm Swing Dance Glen Echo Ballroom More Info
If you have questions about our scheduled appearances, or would like to check availability for dates not shown, please contact the band.



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